Curious Animal’s Dan Fitzgerald share a little python script he created for C4D, that will allow you to essentially rig bend deformers in Succession. If you have multiple bend deformers on an object in Cinema 4D affecting one of the deformers will change the shape leaving the other deformers behind.

Bandchain allows you to rig a sequence of Bend Deformers so that the deformers later in the chain automatically move to follow changes in strength, size or positionDan Fitzgerald –

BendChain helps by automatically locking your sequence of Bend Deformers together. This means that when you change a bend that is earlier in the chain, the deformers that are further up will follow along and behave as expected.

BendChain is offered as a freebie through the Curious Animal site. You can learn more about the Python BendChain Rig script for Cinema 4D here.