C4D Great Douwe shares a new effector for Cinema 4D, the Suffle Array Effector. This comes as a new series which is set to explore examples of new simple MoGraph Python Effector functionality, that anyone can download and play with.

This is number 1 in a series in which I share examples of new simple MoGraph Python Effector functionalityDouwe

Douwe notes that the purpose of this new seres will be to inspire other to script their very own effectors, and to spark that initiative by offering custom written python effectors for Cinema 4D that you can use as your starting point.

You can download the new MoGraph Python Effector, Shuffle Array Effector for Cinema 4D here.

Also of note, recently, Douwe was part the Cinema4d Advanced Production Techniques product being offered through vimeo on demand. Cinema 4D Production techniques is designed to take your C4D skills to the next level. The series is hosted by a veritable who’s who in the C4D community, – Simon Holmedal, Paul Everett, Raphael Rau, Simon Fiedler, Derya and Douwe.

This 13 episode series recorded live in Copenhagen at a 2 day seminar hosted by Pingo van der Brinkloev. Over 8 hours of screen captured material has been edited into this intensive package with in depth talks about Mograph, Xpresso, workflow, modeling, photo realistic rendering with Vray®, NPR rendering, Python, particles, plugins and dirty tricks. Though the techniques are advanced, you will be able to tag along and replicate the various workflows