This looks extraordinarily useful. A new tool for After Effects merges big data with media production under one elegant and streamlined workflow solution. Templater allows users to automate customization to After Effects video content through a streamline interface that can transform Ae elements into dynamic layers that update via an external spreadsheet.

Easily customize video with an elegant and streamlined workflow solution

Templater Merges Spreadsheet Data with Ae

With Templater for After Effects, it is possible to pipe all kinds of external data directly into After Effects compositions. This can also open the doors to effectively use web API data inclusively in an Ae Comp.

Behind Templater is an engine that can be “design aware” and can automatically adjust dynamic elements in After Effects to your customizations, allowing you to map data from your spreadsheets to layers.

This means that you can easily automate and create localized text in any number of combinations or languages, replace source footage sources, use twitter data right in after effects dynamically, or create customized end tags.


DataClay is pleased to introduce Templater to the motion graphics and post-production communities. Take advantage of our product launch sale to remove the pain points in your template customization workflow.



Tamplater can be purchased through aescripts + aeplugins and as an introductory offering is 25% OFF between August 1st and September 15th 2014 -check out the many, many tutorial and demo vids for what Templater for After Effects can do and how it works.

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