Filip Kaczorek’s EFX Render Elements Suite, is a collection of plugins designed to assist with everyday compositing workflow in After Effects. There are tools for working with ID Passes, Z-Depth, and tools for removing or fixing artifacts that can occur rendering out of 3D applications.

Two free plugins from the full EFX Render Elements Plugin Suite

Recently, Filip ha made two of the tools from his EFX Render Elements Suite, for free… and they are pretty useful too. Check out the Render Elements Free Plugins for After Effects to download.

If you render our technical passes for compositing in After Effects, you might want to look at the free EFX ID Select, and EFX Alpha Streaks plugins that are part of the larger premium suite.

Both of these plugins are designed to assist in selecting objects from a rendered ID pass in After Effects, and fixing the artifacts from the resulting alpha channel.

EFX ID Select plugin for After Effects can select up to 5 objects from a supplied ID pass, and EFX Alpha Streaks easily removes artifacts in the alpha channel that occur when using an ID pass for pixel selection.

Visit the EFX Render Elements Suite for After Effects for the full rundown on the available tools in the suite.