The Spline Wrap Deformer in Cinema 4D is an easy to use tool that many artists rely on. Spline Wrap simply lets you deform any object along a spline. If you are diving into Side FX Houdini and coming from a Cinema 4D environment, you might be missing that handy deformer.

The “Spline Wrap” deformer inside of Cinema4D is a versatile tool that many artist use on a daily basis

Houdini does have a similar tool in its wire deform node, which is actually more powerful that C4D’s spline wrap deformer in a lot of ways. It is certainly more flexible. The problem is that the wire deformer in Houdini is also more complex to set up.

this is why Entagma’s Manuel Cassola Merkle walks us through the process of recreating cinema 4D’s Spline Wrap Deformer right in Houdini. This is a great way to learn how you can use Houdini to build tools that you might need in your workflow.