Free, open-source Tooll3 lets you create motion graphics in real-time.

The popularity of Adobe After Effects is undeniable. Still, some other tools might be worth looking for some workflows—for example, Natron, Notch, and others. A new one, Tooll3, is a free and open-source app that lets you create motion graphics in real-time, similar to Notch.

Tooll3, developed by Thomas Mann, Daniel Szymanski, and others, is still under development but has some compelling features and user experience design. The goal for Tooll3 is to hit the sweet spot between real-time rendering, node-based procedural content creation, and linear keyframe animation and editing. For example, you can create reactive audio animation on the fly while listening to the music.

Check out Tooll3 here to learn more.

“A standalone version is in development. Although it’s working already, it needs further clean-up and testing. This means that you need an IDE, like Visual Studio or Rider, to build and run it. This is free and not as difficult as it might sound.”