Monthly Archives: February 2012

Perlin Noise Deformer Plugin for Maya

Ian Waters shares a python plugin he create for Maya which is a Perlin Noise Deformer based on a simple noise deformer node from Paulalso to which Ian added a few improvements and additions: Noise octaves. Random seed. Different noise calculation for each axis. Paintable weights (off the bat). Better UI controls. Removed the noise

Preview of Font Edger for Cinema 4D Xpresso Tool Set for Creating Beveled Type

Expanding on Eyedesyn’s EJ Hassenfratz’s tutorial on creating creating unique and interesting bevels for text in Cinema 4D, RoVino takes what was covered in that tutorial and automated the process somewhat by creating an Xpresso tool set out of it, calling it Font Edger v1 which he is showing off as an alpha version. Not