Expanding on Eyedesyn’s EJ Hassenfratz’s tutorial on creating creating unique and interesting bevels for text in Cinema 4D, RoVino takes what was covered in that tutorial and automated the process somewhat by creating an Xpresso tool set out of it, calling it Font Edger v1 which he is showing off as an alpha version.

Not sure if this will be something that RoVino will release or make public, it does look useful! Perhaps if there are enough comments on the vimeo page, it could happen.

RoVino Writes: A 14 min demo sped up to 3:30 mins. Showing off a new Xpresso Tool set, I built this weekend. I was inspired by a tutorial I saw earlier in the weekend by EJ from eyedesyn.com heres his original tutorial .
vimeo.com/35140183 I thought what a really neat concept, someone should make an Xpresso tool set out of it.. then I thought maybe I can make an Xpresso tool set out of it and basically lost a weekend to Cinema 4D *8)