Lennart Wåhlin of tcastudios shares a new tool for re-timing animation in Cinema 4D with xreTIME Python Expression Plugin. xreTIME rounds out Lennart’s xFiles suite of tools for Cinema now counting twelve in all. xreTIME is actually a modified and extended python version of the xTime that is found with the SteadyBake tool as part of the xFiles suite.

…The xreTIME Tag could be seen as an alternative to a TimeTrack giving you more direct access to retiming Objects from within the Object Manager…

xreTIME is actually a tag in Cinema 4D that can be used on any object to easily re-time its animation and it also allows you to control the animation of that object’s children or any objects found in the xreTIME “slaves” list.

Lennart actually explains in the readme file for xreTIME that animation can be a pretty broad term, stating that xreTIME can affect objects that (listed in order here):

  • Carries a MoCache Tag
  • Carries a PointCache Tag
  • Is a XRef Object R14 set to Generator Mode
  • Is a Legacy Xref Object R13/14
  • Is an Alembic Object including any subframes.
  • Note, an Alembic file should have recorded Subframes to give a slowmo effect.
  • Is KeyFramed incl. PLA animations
  • and additionally in the “Slaves” field,
  • another xreTIME Tag, Mo- and Point Cache Tags can be placed and controlled.