Joel Osis shares a look at an alternative to using Autdoesk’s 123D Catch for capturing and creating 3D models from photographs. While doing some research on a project, Joel came across Strata Foto 3D, a low cost, user friendly application for capturing 3D objects by using a standard camera.

from my experimentation, this program has a lot more control for getting a usable mesh

Some of you may remember Strata, from the old-schoold 3D applications Strata 3D and Strata Studio Pro – I know I do as it was one of my first forays into 3D after seeing Myst. Here Joel provides an overview for using Strata Foto 3D and does a bit of a comparision between its use against Autodesk 123D Catch. Check out Joel’s post for Creating Photo To 3D Using Strata Foto 3D here.