Shaun Keenan has a look at using the Maya Molecular Toolkit to build and render Accurate Virus Structures in Maya, including a great introduction to getting set up using the Molecular Maya Toolkit with installation and using the Protein Database.

In this tutorial, Shaun Keenan will introduce you to the Molecular Maya Toolkit and show you how it can used in conjunction with PDB (Protein Data Base) files to build accurate viruses and other molecular structures, directly inside Maya

Molecular Maya toolkit is available freely (although still technically in beta) that will allow you to build, import and animate molecular structures in Autodesk Maya.

Shaun demonstrates creating shader networks, provides an overview for lighting the scene, rendering using V-Ray, and covers some compositing for a final shot using Photoshop. Check out the tutorial for Building Accurate Virus Structures in Maya using the Molecular Maya Toolkit here.