It was quite a while back we had a look at some screenshots from lukesun showing off fireSystem, a RayFire-like system for Autodesk Maya, that will allow you to create shooting effects such as bullet holes, debris, sparks and smoke.

Now, you can get the fireSystem plugin for Maya as an early beta for Autodesk Maya versions 2012 and 2014. Taking inspiration from 3Ds’ RayFire tool which creates fragments on objects, destruction, demolish simulations, or just plain wrecking stuff, FireSystem offers some of that same functionality.

Plugin that creates shooting effects; smoke, bullet holes, sparks, debris, and other holes

FireSystem provides a series of tabs in the interface for controlling objects, deformations and particles giving you the destruction tools you need in one common area, and from the demo video, seems to be a fairly capable tool already.

To find out more about the FireSystem Plugin for Maya, or to download the beta, check out the page here.