The ChaosGroup have posted a new build for V-Ray Maya offering many fixes, modified and streamlined features. V-Ray for Maya build 2.40 also adds some welcome new features into the popular rendering engine.

Some of the new features of V-Ray 2.40 include adding a CUDA engine to the V-Ray RT GPU for the nVidia Fermi and Kepler cards -This is in addition to the OpenCL engine of V-Ray RT. V-Ray RT Also now supports motion blur on transformations and deformations.

A new V-Ray for Maya service pack is now available for download at the Chaos Group Downloads page. This is a free update for all V-Ray 2.0 for Maya customers

Also of note is the addition of the VRayDistanceTex which was sadly missing from the Maya version of V-Ray up until this point. The VRayDistanceTex can return different values based on a points distance to an object that is specified in a list. The VRayDistanceTex offers parameters for far, near, inside, outside and distance textures, returning color for each.

For a complete list of what is new in the update, check the Chaos page for V-Ray Maya 2.40 Features and Improvements here.