Freelance Motion Designer, Michael Tierney posts a short video of Cinema 4D running on a mobile device. Actually, it’s not just running, Michael is actually using it to create a short project. In actuality, Micheal is probably using something similar to TeamViewer, which allows you to tunnel into a computer that is running the application. Still, it is impressive who capable C4D’s usability is on such a small screen.

It’s interesting to see C4D’s interface and UX lead itself pretty well to touch, even though the application was never intended for it. One drawback is that the screen is so small. Fingers will take up a lot of space, obscuring the screen, but it is kind of cool how two fingers can function as different mouse buttons.

Using Cinema 4D on a mobile device this small, is probably not an entirely practical endeavor, but it is still a really cool experiment.

Michael Tierney has a Patreon page, if you are interested in the kind of things that he is offering in terms of tutorials that include motion graphics and design. Visit Michael Tierney is creating Design Tutorials for more information on the rewards.

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  1. Coco

    He’s just remote logging into his computer with the (free) app TeamViewer. I do this all the time if I need to access my computer when I’m away from home.
    (Also your comments are broken, had to hijack the mainframe to be able to add my name/email otherwise it just gives me an error)

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