Double Negative Character Technical Director, Marco Giordano nerds out a bit, and offers a tutorial series that shows how you can write a plugin for Autodesk Maya using Assembly… You read that correctly, assembly language.

Assembly is a pretty low-level language, perhaps only a step above machine language. If that sounds like programming The Matrix, it kind of is in a way.

Marco wrote a simple Maya plugin, a push deformer using assembly for the algorithm. Rather than using the Maya API and regular C++ the core code, the inner workings of the deformer is written in assembly.

Why Assembly? Well, Assembly in production, doesn’t make much sense. This isn’t an exercise that you would use in a production environment. It’s not like the code runs significantly faster. creating a plugin in assembly, can be a great learning experience though.

So if you want to get a bit nerdy and impress your friends with your programming kung-fu, have a look at Marco’s tutorial for creating a Maya deformer in Assembly.