Learn Artist Friendly Python for Maya from Dhruv Govil

Learn Artist Friendly Python for Maya from Dhruv Govil

Who is Dhruv Govil? He is a lead Pipeline Developer at Sony Pictures Imageworks. He has worked on feature films such as Guardians of The Galaxy and Suicide Squad, as well as Animated Features like Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2 and Hotel Transylvania 2.

Recently Dhruv has published a course that can help you learn to code with Python to work faster in Maya. If you think that programming and scripting is not for you, then don’t worry: the course deals with “artist friendly” programming.

Dhruv started as an artist, and taught himself programming to work faster. This is the basis for the course, walking you through your very first line of Python code to creating user interfaces. You’ll learn skills that will help you work faster by automating repetitive tasks so you can focus on the work you want to be doing. This can in turn also add incredible value to you on the job market and help you move up the ladder faster.

The course runs $70, but there is currently a “black Friday” deal that is on until Nov. 20, 2016 where you can get it for 84% off. Visit the page for Python for Maya: Artist Friendly Programming to learn more.

Here’s what the artist friendly Python course covers:

  • Python Fundamentals: functions, classes, if statements, etc…
  • Advanced Python concepts like lambdas,partials, regular expressions, etc..
  • Writing User Interfaces with Maya Cmds and Qt
  • Writing data to disk and loading it back in to Maya as JSON
  • Creating command line tools
  • Setting up a professional workflow
  • The Qt interface framework: custom widgets, signals and slots, stylesheets etc


  1. reason

    It’s too bad this younger generation charges for things that they have learned for FREE from others. Don’t be fooled, you can learn all in this course from resources available already online.

    • I think you miss the purpose of paid courses then, REASON.

      Would you rather…take 2-3 years to learn and search for FREE information that’s scattered, unorganized all of the internet.

      Or would you rather pay someone who has taken all the difficult work, cut the work down by a fraction of the time and created an organized way to learn the information in 8 hours?

      Of course, depending on how good the teacher, teaches, it may not be for everybody. But…you just saved yourself 2 years from having to teach yourself 😉

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