Control Animated Concentric Circles with Shapes and Expressions

WorkBench’s Joy Clay returns with a good one. Combining the power of After Effects Shape Layers and Expressions, Joe shows how you can easily wrangle concentric circles. The expressions will automate stroke size and circle scale based on minimum and maximum values. This allows you to set the first and last size, and have the expressions fill in everything in between.

It even goes a step further than that. Joe shows how you can animate attributes such as Trim Paths, color, Hue, and others to come up with some really great animated segments that are versatile enough to use almost anywhere.

Joe uses an expression that was gleamed from another tutorial that showed how to animate write-on effects with a tapered stroke. This was done with the propertyGroup function. Using the function, you can determine the indexes for various shape elements, and construct your own “repeater” using other properties.