How to Quickly Rig Characters in AE With Rubberpin

Rubberhose Rubberpin can make AE’s Puppet Pins way more useful for quickly rigging characters.

RubberHose 3 has an auto-rigging tool allowing you to rig raster (pixel-based) elements quickly. Rubber hose-style characters refer to a soft bend in the limbs. Jake in Motion (Jake Bartlett) uses Rubberhose’s Rubberpins, which work with AE’s Puppet Pins, to rig a character.

Rubberhose’s 3 unique rigging systems simplify the process, making any artwork much more manageable.

Jake shows his complete process of rigging up a dog illustration using the Rubberpin system. “We’ll use the Puppet Tool in After Effects but make it useful through Rubberhose.”