How to Turn a VOP Network Into a Single Wrangle Node

3D Artist David Kahl Walks Through How to Convert VOP Nodes into a Wrangle in Side FX Houdini

David Kahl, through his Life Effects channel posts a look into how you can take the code generated from a VOP node in Houdini and turn that into a single Node. Wrangles are a powerful and low-level type node in Houdini that lets users tweak attributes using code. Houdini has Wrangles for attributes, channels, voles points, geometry and more.

“Converting VOP Nodes into Wrangles is a good exercise to get a better understanding of VEX” Kahl says. In the tutorials, Kahl takes positional noise and turns it into VEX housed in a single attribute-wrangle. Kahl also says that when you become more confident in writing VEX, you will be able to write any VOP node, no matter the complexity, into a wrangle node.