Fabian Rosenkranz gives a short overview of his free Python Plugin for Cinema 4D CallOnActivation Python Tag. The CallOnActivation tag allows you to attach any Cinema 4d command to the activation of an object. This is especially useful if you need a certain tool, for example the move tool or the rotate tool, to be active together with an object. Check out CallOnActivation for Cinema 4D script and more information here.

CallOnActivation Python tag for Cinema 4d from Fabian Rosenkranz on Vimeo.

“Thanks to the CallOnActivation tag this tool can be called whenever the object gets activated. In addition the tag allows to lock any position, scale or rotation coordinates to the value 0 (or 1 for scale). This prevents an unintentional change of the locked values. The needed default coordinates for the object should of cause be frozen in order for the locking to make sense.”