LightStorm3D creators of the newly released and amazing L3Deformer suite of deformation tools for Autodesk Maya, have recently posted two new videos demonstrating the uses of their deformation tools.

On is a look at a possible rigging of a tentacle for animation using the L3Deformer Curve Deformer tool. The Curve Deformer can be used to project geometry from a user defined axis (cylinder) onto a nurbs or bezier curve. Typical applications include character animation, path animation, particle flows, text and logo effects, geometry shaping, motion graphics effects, architectural design, visualization and many more.

L3Deformer – Animate Tentacle from Lightstorm3D on Vimeo.

The other Demonstration of L3Deformer for maya is a modeling one, using LightStorms L3Deformer to create a tire in Maya by using the Surface Deformer. The Surface Deformer projects objects from a user defined plane onto a nurbs surface. Typical applications include text and logo animation, motion graphics effects, geometry shaping, procedural liquid surfaces, particle flows and many more.

L3Deformer – Model Tire from Lightstorm3D on Vimeo.

LightStorm3D has recently released the Deformation plugin for Maya, L3Deformer 1.0 which includes a Surface, Curve, Texture, and Collision deformer, each with their own settings and options. The L3Deformer for Maya is Windows only for the moment, however other platforms are in the planning stage. The L3Deformer carries a price of 149.00€ (plus VAT) and bulk pricing starts with 2 licenses.