Trapcode and RedGiant have been teasing over the last week or so with some images that now are known to be from the new Trapcode Form 2. One of the best new features of Trapcode Form 2 is the ability to import and use 3D models in OBJ for mat as well as OBJ models sequences. For more information and demonstrations of the new features in Trapcode Form 2 for After Effects, check out the new page at RedGiant.

  • Bring OBJ’s into After Effects with Form’s support for 3D models and 3D sequences
  • Get the Particular 2 features you love, like Textured Polygon and Streaklet particle types
  • Illuminate your particles with Shading for visual depth and tight integration to AE lights
  • Full Layer Map support gives advanced animation control over particle size, rotation and color
  • Expanded Spherical Field features let you distort a sphere into any elliptical shape

Harry Frank also does a tutorial showing the newest features for Trapcode Form 2 which you can find here.