Benjy Cook takes a detailed look at using the Motion Capture addon for Blender 3D in his multi-part tutorial showing Basic Retargeting, Location Retargeting, NLA System and Manual Tweaking, Retarget Switching and Stitching, Path Editing, and Baking motion. Some great stuff here!

The Motion Capture Addon brings retargeting and motion editing to Blender! Developed as part of Google Summer of Code 2011. This tutorial covers basic hierarchy mapping and retargeting.

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  1. CrazyJoe

    thats awesome, I tried to use it a few times now but its kinda weird on rigs which have different bone orientation, even using the advanced retarget setting and changing the constraints by hand is really confusing and they don’t seem to follow regular translation tools… it might mean re-rigging my characters which isn’t something i wanna do.

    How about an option to save the rigging setup and constraints as a separate file, so i can quickly link/append armatures without having to setup the mocap retargets. maya characterization lets me do it instantly by loading it from a separate rig file

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