Image Metrics has posted their last Webinar featuring CGMonk’s Josh Burton showing facial rigging techniques he uses and some tips as well for creating facial rigs in Maya while using some of the CGMonks tools for Maya in the demonstration.

Setting up a face is a very complex part of the character rigging process and requires a lot of practice and experience to do it well. Watch as animator and story-teller, Josh Burton, takes us through some of his tips, tricks, and experiences with rigging faces.

Josh studied at Savannah College of Art and Design and received his degree in Animation. After graduating in 2005, he began his journey into computer animation with Midway Games. Here he worked on multiple titles as a facial rigger and animator including – Mortal Kombat vs. DC, Stranglehold, Wheelman and Blacksite.

Now, Josh has become an established freelance animator and rigger, as well as co-founder to CG Monks (, a group of knowledgeable artists out to answer the tough questions in the computer graphics industry. He is also creator of the Morpheus rig, which you can download at

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