Animator/Rigger Morgan Loomis updates some of his tools for Maya on his site, and also adds a completely new one called ml_goToKeyframe which has some of the same basic functionality of Maya’s findKeyframe command with some added features.

ml_goToKeyframe will loop through selected keys or what is showing int he graph editor, with an option to round off frames so the playhead will only stop on whole numbers… (just in case your keys are not snapped from partial frames).

…I’ve added a new tool, called ml_goToKeyframe, for stepping through keys. It has the same basic functionality of maya’s findKeyframe command, with a few added features…

ml_goToKeyframe requires an update to the most recent ml_ulitlies script, which you will find is needed for most of Morgan’s Maya tools. Morgan Loomis has also added updates for ml_setKey and ml_deleteKey, fixing some bugs there and also bringing them up to date with the latest ml_utilities.

If you have never seen or been, Morgan Loomis shares an abundance of really great tools for Maya and the Maya community… so maybe you should head on down to the site if you haven’t yet.