A Cinema 4D Object that essentially can be used to set up an incremental backup of your objects as you are working on them. This is a similar method that I have used for years in Photoshop or any other layer based workflow, where before making large wholesale changes to something, you store it away in its current state, so you are always able to go back to go back to earlier versions.

…having the parametric objects hidden doesn’t prevent them from still being calculated. So, besides placing them inside the Null, it is also required that they are turned off – The Vault object takes care of all this…

Rui Batista has taken this premise and created what he calls the Vault for Cinema 4D. The Vault was an idea built around his Cinema 4D workflow, and from the demonstration, looks to be a great way to store initial or intermediate stages of your objects for backups while working.

Rui notes that you can simply accomplish a similar setup by using a null object, the problem is that doesn’t prevent hidden back up objects from being calculated along with the scene, and in addition, each time an object is placed under the null, it unfolds requiring some interaction that is unnecessary.

This is where the Vault comes in, taking care of all these issues. the Vault is offered for a low prince of just 10 Euros, and more information can be found on the Vault for Cinema 4D here.