Piquet Fabrice shares a little Maya script he has created that will export xNormal maps from Autodesk Maya. The xNormal Exporter for Maya provides an simple interface and will allow you to send selected maps easily over to xNormal to be generated. You are able to directly download xNormal Exporter for Maya v 0.2 here, or check out the original and updated tread here.

So what is it ? Well this script simply edit an xml file based on the settings you chose on the UI and send the information to xNormal to generate the maps that you want

The main advantage is that this can really be a time saver, in that you don’t necessarily have to launch xNormal when you want to generate or bake out any maps, this can all be done right from Maya. xNormal Exporter for Maya supports Low Poly export, High Poly export, and Blocker Meshes, and the export process and the baking process are separated, eliminating the need to re-export every time there is a settings change.

xNormal is an application that will generate normal maps, , and displacement maps and it also has the ability to project high polygon textures onto low polygon meshes, even if the meshes have different topologies.