Richard Hurrey showing off a scene in Modo 601 demonstrating a mixed transformation and deformations and Order of Operations to accomplish a seemingly complex set up using a simple cone and some teeth as an example.

Here is an example of mixing Transformation based movements with Deformation based movements

Richard’s set up uses a set of saw like teeth (as an example) that are constrained to deforming curves and using weight containers to keep things in line. Although there are controls to animate the saw teeth moving around the cone, the idea is to use transformation based movements with deformation based movements to have the whole system work together, where the cone has the ability to deform, and the saw teeth will deform accordingly.

Richard has demonstrated contraint and Order of Operation type set ups before in Modo, and if you wish to get caught up with those, you can check my previous posts for Creating A Spring Rig In Modo Using Order Of Operations And Renderable Curves and Using Spline Deformer To Control Camera Like A Path Constraint In Modo 601 here. Richard has also provided a link to the scene file on Luxology’s share site, which you can get here.

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