Ari Danesh with another module for learning SideFX Houdini by taking the first steps of understanding of the Lighting, Shading and Rendering in Houdini. Here, Ari covers a wide range of topics dealing with rendering with Houdini command line and ROP’s.

In lesson 10, we will learn how to set up ROP render dependency trees that include Composite and Script ROPs

Ari shows how to set up a ROP (Houdini render output node) Render dependency tree to include Houdini’s Composite and Script ROP’s, and also talks a bit about hot to use Houdini’s hBatch so you can distribute renders to remote machines sing the hQueue Render ROP. Ari also goes into some detail for using the hQueue Render Manager, and also provides a demonstration on how to render with Houdini to the Amazon Cloud Service.

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