Arvid Schneider posts his Advanced Rayfire Shatter tutorial consisting of a multi-part look at how to get the most of some of the features in the new RayFire Plugin for Max. This represent the introduction to RayFire and includes the Intro, Modeling, Animation, Simulation, Rendering tutorials.

Welcome to my upcoming Rayfire tutorial Series. This tutorial is the introduction of the course where you will get all the info concering the training course

Arvid runs the gamut here using 3ds Max, Maya and V-Ray to show the workflow between RayFire and Autodesk Maya, and demonstrates all the settings and options for creating a believalbe shattered glass simulation, or explosions, or any type of demolition simulation using RayFire. Check out Arvid’s Advanced Rayfire Shatter Tutorial Series – 3dsMax, Maya and Vray here.