Imagineer Systems has been posting some mocha Pro tips on the twitters, blasting out some helpful hints and things that you might want to look out for when using mocha Pro in your workflow.

Expanding on these tips, Product Manager Martin Brennand plans to post regularly a “tip bundle” that will cover a bit more in detail some of the tweeted tips as a summation of the weeks tips, and this represent the first in that regard.

Imagineer Systems Product Manager Martin Brennand takes you though some of the daily mocha tips we’ve been posting to Twitter and Facebook. Learn more about planar motion tracking, rotoscoping and vfx!

Here, Martin shows how easy it is to track shapes or reference that travels off the screen by adding another spline shape with mocha’s Add to Spline tool, which is incredibly helpful for this task.

Another tip presented is to scrub your timeline people, its important to see the overview so you can determine where your intended objects will end up later on in the shot, and the last one shows that creating rotoscoping with smaller “bite size” parts rather than a larger more complex spline that may have a large number of points associated.