Third Party developers to the rescue. With the release of Adobe After Effects CC which sees the addition of the CineWare link between Cinema 4D and After Effects, MamoWorld releases CINEWARE proxy, created to speed up the workflow by allowing you to easily switch between the live pipeline to the rendered proxy files.

CINEWARE proxy speeds up your workflow with the new Cinema 4D live pipeline wich was introduced in After Effects CC

CINEWARE is a huge step in the right direction, however, can be fairly slow, almost understandably so for what it is doing. CINEWARE proxy provides the best of both worlds allowing you to simply toggle back and forth between the live 3D pipeline and rendered proxy files.

As an example, you could start working with the AE/Cinema 4D CINEWARE pipeline and render all the proxy files in the background, then once that is complete, you just toggle from the CINEWARE live pipeline to the rendered files and all work you created remains preserved.

CINEWARE proxy can also work with any files that you have rendered out, and can automatically adjust by looking at your file naming conventions. Simply load one file and all others will be found.

CINEWARE proxy Features:

  • support for multi pass rendering
  • support for background rendering (additional tool BG Renderer required)
  • preserves all modifications (effects, masks,…) when switching between live pipeline and proxy files
  • automatic learning of file names

CINEWARE Proxy is available for $79.99 single user license at AEScripts, and has a Special offer only this Monday and Tuesday (June 24th, 25th) for $59.99.