In creating a cluster of balloons complete with strings attached, SioPio shows how to build a dynamic animation in Cinema 4D using the MoGraph Cloner to attach the dynamic strings to the balloons.

Up, up and AWAY with another Cinema 4D tutorial floating through the steps of creating a balloon cluster created using the MoGraph Cloner and attempting to attach some dynamic strings

SioPio makes note that this is a tricky one, and you might want to get your notebooks out as he has had multiple attempts to create dynamic balloons and strings using spline dynamics, Matrix Objects and tracers, and it all works great with a single balloon, but once it’s all placed into a MoGraph Cloner, it falls to pieces.

With that in mind, SioPio is demonstrating a technique he found which will work for multiple balloons and strings using the Spline Effector and Random Effector to add some randomness to the position and scale of the balloons and also generate random colors.