Maya has some builtin tools for evaluating performance, such as the dgtimer which can measure dependency graph node performance by managing timers on a per-node basis, but it was only after much deliberation that Jørn-Harald Paulsen developed a tool that will help riggers evaluate the performance of their rigs, wrapping dgtimer into jh_measurePerformance into a script.

The script measures the speed by playing off the scene and evaluating each DG node’s performance

If you are suspecting that a rig is running a little slow, or want to test for improvements, the jh_measurePerformance script will show you which nodes have the hardest impact on performance.

As the script creates a measure by playing the scene and analyzing every DG Node’s effectuation, you need to animate each component that you want to include in the evaluation over a given lifespan. This also means that the more frames that you offer the calculation, the more accurate the returned results will be.

To find out more about jh_measurePerformance to measure your rigging performance in Maya, check Jørn-Harald Paulsen’s post here.