Michael Schulte shares a free widget for Cinema 4D that will save some time when editing gradients in any interface panel. The Gradient Snapping Widget is a simple idea, allowing you to set a grid step size, so that when you add a new pin to a section of the gradient, it will automatically snap to the setting.

The Gradient Snapping Widget is a phyton widget that helps you arranging the knots of a gradient. Every knot you insert snaps exactly to the correct position based on a “grid” with a custom stepsize

Say you set a grid step size of 10, every knot or pin that you put on the gradient will snap to 10% of the former pin. This is a little easier when making many gradient changes and then moving the mouse to the POS field to type in a precise number. Check out the freely available Gradient Snapping Widget for Cinema 4D over at C4DTools here.