Testing the same 5 million particle simulation in Autodesk Maya both with the V-Ray and the Arnold rending engines, Timothy Hanson shares his findings on his Max-Depth blog with a post that breaks down the speed versus quality of both candidates in the test.

Over the last few weeks I’ve done extensive benchmarking, using the same 5 million particle count nParticle simulation as a constant, and I have discovered there is a great deal of nuance with both render engines

Timothy uses a standard 5 million particle simulation in the tests and notes the settings including the sampling, motion blur values, and does a couple of tests with rendering spheres and points.

Of course you would expect that a direct comparison like this (or as direct as possible) would have some exchange between which areas a render engine would excel and fall short. For the most part this is true in the test as results show a pretty even capability of both Arnold and V-Ray, however it is interesting to see where each excels and falls short.

Check out the findings of the Arnold Versus V-Ray Maya Particle Death Match over on Max-Depth here.