Cinema 4D | Controlling Subdivision and Creating Proxy Switch for Dynamics Using Xpresso

Offering a simple solution to speed up dynamics in Cinema 4D by using proxy objects and altering the resolution of objects in the scene, Ben Keating shows how to using Xpresso to create a subdivision control and a proxy switch.

Xpresso is not just about maths you can use it for these types of scene and there’s no maths involved

Creating simple in-scene slider controls and switches, Ben uses some simple no-math-involved Xpresso connections to create a control that can set the number of subdivisions used in an object, and also creates a switch that can swap out high resolution for low resolution models, making C4D Dynamics more responsive when working with simulations.

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  1. BenKeating

    Thanks for adding my video, if anyone has any questions feel free to ask i will do my best to help

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