Maya | Golaem Crowd Updates With New Character Maker and Support for Any Skeleton Morphology

Golaem Crowd has been steadily moving forward with huge updates, and version 3 is not an exception. The recently announced Golaem Crowd 3.0 now has support for any type of custom skeleton, in addition to a new nodal based editor for editing and converting skeletons and motion capture data.

Golaem Crowd 3 enables artists to simulate any type of character: human, horses, birds, or any imaginary creatures… as well as an improved render previsualization

Golaem Crowd is integrated in Autodesk Maya, making it easy to populate environments with hundreds of digital characters that are easily directed -This allows for the ability to experiment with scenes easily, no matter how complex.

Underneath the hood, Golaem Crowd 3.0 is driven by a new animation engine that has been rebuilt and optimized. Another important addition is the new Flock Behaviors which will allow you to control flocks of objects and characters from birds to school of fishes. To learn more about Golaem Crowd 3.0 check the page here.

Golaem Crowd 3.0 has a long list of new features, which are:

  • Golaem Crowd now supports any skeleton morphology!
  • Golaem Crowd animation engine now support roll bones
  • Character Maker: new nodal editor to convert skeletons in the Golaem Crowd file format
  • Character Maker: new tool to edit, cyclify and convert animation clips in the Golaem Crowd file format
  • New locomotion system (based on speed & orientation)
  • New feet adaptation system (with full adaptation to the ground)
  • Behavior Editor: Behaviors can now be disabled/enabled without removing them from the flow
  • Behavior Editor: Behavior feedback (visual feedback for misconfigured Behaviors)
  • Flock Behavior to simulate flocks of birds, fishes…
  • Steer Behavior to make flocking Entities steering/fleeing a target with weight management
  • New Population Tool Sphere shape to generate flocking Entities
  • Flock Locator to define the flocking Entities environment
  • Physicalize Behavior to activate/deactivate physics on the fly for each Entity
  • Dynamics Behavior (was Ragdoll Behavior) can now apply a constant force in addition to an impulse
  • Entity Surface Shape can display the real geometry diversity, skinning and shaders directly in the viewport
  • Entity Surface Shape can display PPAttributes
  • Entity Attribute Node to attach PPAttributes to EntityTypes
  • Attribute Behavior to easily control Entities PPAttributes
  • Crowd Render Proxy Tool shelf button to automatize Render Proxy creation
  • Population Tool can gather slots to create groups of Entities
  • Golaem Crowd now generates dump report when crashing