The C4DZone shares a free plugin for Cinema 4D that will create the pushed-in button upholstery look with a degree of ease. Developed by Matteo Porchedda, the plugin will build what he calls a “chesterfield” effect. It looks like a valuable plugin to use for creating furniture, sofas, pillows and any other soft item.

Easy Chesterfield is a Cinema 4D plugin that helps user to create Chesterfield effects for pillows, couches, sofas and similarMatteo Porchedda -

Simply build the model of a cushion defining the center for the folds with a well placed vertex, select the vertices that will be transformed into folds, and then hit the Create Chesterfield button. Like magic, the plugin will create a parametric object automatically, allowing you to change the cushion’s properties in real time. The Easy Chesterfield plugin does a bang-up job, creating a pretty convincing cushion, complete with folds. Check out the C4DZone’s Easy Chesterfield free Cinema 4D plugin here.

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