Being able to pick up where you left off in an application can greatly speed things up while working. As an example, if you are using a brush in Cinema 4D and switch over to the move tool, it would be nice to have the brush handy again to continue working.

 The Tool Memory plugin stores the active tool (i.e. ”Move”, ”Rotate”…), the active mode (i.e. ”Model”, ”Polygon”…) and the axis lock settings for the active tool with every object in your scene Fabian Rosenkranz

This is the idea behind Fabian Rosenkranz’ ToolMenory plugin for Cinema 4D. The plugin will store the currently active tool, mode, or axis lock with the actively selected object. This allows you to simply continue working without having to go back in and select the tool you were using all over again.

ToolMemory has a floating panel interface that will allow you to change its settings, and choose what to store while working. We have seen handy tools for Cinema 4D before from Fabian Rosenkranz, he has shared his CallOnActivation plugin which will give you a tag that lets you attach any Cinema 4d command to the activation of an object.

Visit Fabian Rosenkranz’ site for a download of the ToolMemory plugin for cinema 4D here.