No truer than there are many ways to accomplish something, is that there are many, many ways to accomplish one task in any 3D application. With a breadth of tools that can be used in any combination, it opens up for plenty of different solutions for the same task.

Take for example creating bevels for 3D type. There are many techniques that can accomplish this, and there are even some 3rd party tools that are specifically designed around creating bevels for type. While in Cinema 4D, EJ Hassenfratz had a technique for creating bevels on type, and even expanded into offering Text Edge FX and Text Edge FX Pro, a c4d preset that create bevels on typography easily.

In this tutorial I’ll teach a way to create great looking chiseled bevels in Cinema 4D. I chose a complex letter to show how to overcome some issues you may have whilst creating smooth surfacesBen Watts –

Showing how to create a particular bevel style, Ben Watts of BWDesign demonstrates his technique for creating a chiseled bevel look. Ben shows on one of the more difficult letters in the alphabet to show how to deal with some of the issues that will crop up based on curvature and corners.

Ben also walks through setting up the type for a render using V-Ray. You are able to download the project files for the tutorial to take them apart or to follow along, those can be found here: Chiseled Bevels in Cinema 4D.


Further Reading for Creating Bevels in Cinema 4D

There have been many tutorials showing different techniques for creating bevels in C4D of the years. Some involve creating bevels at render time, such as Josef Bsharah ‘s look at Using the New Round Edges Feature in VRayforC4D For Creating Bevels at Render Time.

MoGraphCandy’s Dan Conrad has a look at using spline profiles in c4d for creating bevels in objects, Using Spline Profiles With the Cinema 4D Bevel Tool.

Nitro4D has a tool that makes bevels cleaner in C4d with the post MagicBevel Offers Bevels in Cinema 4D With Cleaner Geometry

and of course EJ Hassenfratz’ Text Edge FX Pro with Creating an Offset Inner Bevel for Type Using Text Edge FX for Cinema 4D