Zeno Pelgrims share a python script that he has been working on, which will place water drops on the surface of an object, or as he explains the scripts use… “it makes stuff wet”.

Proud to present you guys my first real Python script for Maya, a waterdrop generatorZeno Pelgrims

When you load the Water Drop Generator,  you are presented with a panel that will allow you to load your base object that will receive the water drops. You can then set the density for the frequency of the water drops and provide a range for minimum and maximum size for the drops.

Once you check if mesh is in fact usable to receive the drops, hitting the “make it rain baby” button will place the water drops on the surface of the selected object.

Zeno notes that you are free to use and modify the script as you see fit, but also mentions  “just don’t redistribute a slightly modified version under your name because that would be, although perfectly possible, not very nice.”

You can download and find the Water Drop Generator script for Maya here.