Bypass Photoshop and Create 2D Text Materials Right in Cinema 4D’s EJ Hassenfratz shows how you can save yourself a trip into Photoshop, by creating text based images textures right in Cinema 4D. With the C4D spline shader, you can create 2D Text materials and apply them to 3D objects as textures.

In this quick tip I’ll show you how to totally bypass Photoshop and create 2D text materials and apply to 3D objects as textures by using Cinema 4D’s Spline ShaderEJ Hassenfratz –

The spline shader in Cinema 4D will allow you to create 2d textures from text that can be used as colour, bump or displacements. As EJ notes, it can be a quick and easy way to get an embossed or stamped metal look.

By the way, you are not limited to using this technique for text alone. The Spline Shader in C4d works on splines, so you will be able to create a 2d image from anything that you can create with the spline curves in cinema. Check out EJ’s post for using the spline shader in cinema 4d to create 2d textures here.