Create an Easy Halftone Effect in Ae Using Shape Layers and Camera Lens Blur

Mikey Borup shows a clever little technique for creating a halftone effect in After Effects using a shape layer and a camera lens blur effect. As Mikey mentions in the tutorial, there are likely many ways to create one type of an effect, and this represents just one of them.

Create a cool (and unique) halftone effect on your footage in After Effects. this technique is a unique way of creating the look, with some cool side effects.Mikey Borup

Mikey uses a shape layer in After Effects, and sets a repeater to fill the screen with dots. Then using a Camera Lens Blur effect that is set to use the shape layer as a blur map, you can get a neat little halftone effect happening. The best part is that you will be able to animate the effect using the shape layer or the repeater attributes.

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