Easily Incorporate a Dynamic FK Joint System in Maya

Maya gives you all the tools you need to create basically anything, but there are scripts and tools available that can ease your workflow. As an example, you can create an FK Joint System easily, and you can also create soft body effects to virtually anything.

Adding those two things together,  Nick Miller shares his tool for creating a Dynamic FK Joint System that can easily be incorporated into your rigging project.

Easily implement dynamic/FK joint systems into a rig

Building a Dynamic FK Joint System

The Soft Body Dynamic/FK Creator script will build a Dynamic FK Joint System quickly, and provide you with custom controls in the channel box allowing you to parametrically teak the settings and animation.

Dynamic FK Joint System script

The dynamic FK Joint System blends both an FK handle and soft body dynamics as a way to add secondary animation easily. The dynamic FK Joint System includes FK/Dynamic influence, a goal weight control and individual goalPP attributes on controls. There are also individual dynamic scale controls on a per-joint level, and the tool will automatically create controls for your joints as well.



To learn more or download the tool, check out the Soft Body Dynamic/FK Creator here.