How many times have you wished to center an object in After Effects between two nulls in Ae? Jacob Danell posts a little script for After Effects that will center an object between two points. The script is cleverly called Malcolm in the center.

Place any object in the complete center of two points in 3D spaceJacob Danell –

The Malcolm in the center script offers a panel that can be docked into the After Effects interface. Simply select two layers in the comp and hit the “create tempNull” button on the panel. This will create two nulls in the scene. Pressing the “Get Data” button when an object is selected will center that object between the two nulls. simple!

Malcolm in the center is available from aescripts + aeplugins here.

Jacob Danell has authored some other tools for After Effects, most notably the 3D splitter script that can split your After Effects comp using a percentage, or directly from LinearWipe, and will automatically precompose the clip. Check out the post for 3D Splitter Can Split Any After Effects Composition in 3D Space here.