Create a Character Rig in After Effects That Can Transition Between Poses

This is a great look at how to create a quick transition between character poses in After Effects, having it look like the character is actually animating, when in fact you are just swapping out poses quickly.

Michael Debevec has a look at how to put this all together, creating a character rig in After Effects that will use preset animations to transition between character poses. The rig will allow you to set up an animation that can be triggered each time you select a new pose for the character.

In this tutorial, we’ll create a cartoon character rig that allows us to set up an animation that is then triggered each time we select a new pose for our characterMichael Debevec –

The system will be rich enough to select multiple characters without the need to change any of the animation ahead of time. Michael also shows how to create a great little reference guide that you can use to easily find the right pose at a glance, for each selected character. Check out the tutorial over at AeTuts here: Automate an Easy Cartoon Character Transition.