Feast Your Eyes on Sticky Paint for After Effects

If you made it down to NAB or had a look at what was new and announced, you may have still missed this gem. aescripts + aeplugins posts a sneak look at Sticky Paint. It is not really available yet, although they were showing it off on the NAB show floor.

Sticky Paint is a new revolutionary way to paint in After Effects. “Stick” your paint directly on 3D renders, onion skinning, textures brushes and more all directly in your compaescripts + aeplugins

Sticky Paint for after effects will allow you to stick paint elements directly on 3D renders in After Effects. Sticky Paint acts like an in-comp paint tool, allowing you to paint on both 2D and 3D layers. You can use the “stick Paintbrush” tool to glue painted elements onto thing in Ae. The stuck on element will follow and act as if it was part of the rendered object. Pretty amazing really.

Keep your eye out for Sticky Paint for After Effects over on aescripts + aeplugins.