FXHOME Announces HitFilm Plugins for After Effects & NLE’s

In a bit of a surprise move, HXHOME has announced that you will soon be able to use HitFilm’s visual effects, motion graphics, compositing and grading effects within other applications.


HitFilm Plugins

FXHOME have taken the same technology that was initially developed for HitFilm 2 Ultimate, FXHome’s all in one editor / compositor Hybrid, and bring that that toolkit over to a wider group of creatives.

HitFilm effects available for the first time inside After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X and Vegas Pro

The same HitFilm Plugins will work in After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X and Vegas Pro. In fact, you will be able to buy the HitFilm Plugins once, and use them in all host platforms on your computer, making them available to all the video and FX applications that they are written for.

Lunching plugins for After Effects and NLE’s FxHome reestablishes their commitment to HitFilm 2, noting that there will be more big news on HitFilm coming up later in the year. FxHome believes the more that people use HitFilm technology, the better. To them, more users means more feedback and more resources to invest back into development. FxHome have created a unified plugins development environment, which will allow them to create a new effect for HitFilm Ultimate and simultaneously compile it for HitFilm Plugins at the press of a button.

HitFilm Plugins for FCP X


Why Use HitFilm Plugins?

You may be thinking “why would I buy plugins that already do some of what I already have?”. There is only a sliver of truth in that question. Some of what HitFilm plugins offer can be done in After Effects already, using the bundled After Effects plugins.

There are three great things that make HitFilm Plugins incredibly relevant for After Effects.

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 10.06.49 AM

First, the type of effects that are available in HitFilm plugins are focused. They are all created for very specific tasks, but they all have one thing in common, they are incredibly simple to use.

The effects all center around your workflow, regardless if you are making films, effects, or motion graphics. The HitFilm plugins will range from color-grading to particle effects, and everything in-between that you would need to bring your vision to life.

The second point, and probably the strongest -is that EVERY SINGLE EFFECT IS GPU ACCELERATED. I can’t really stress how fast ALL the effects are.

The performance on a single Ae layer is impressive. Pick an effect, change it attributes, scrub the timeline as fast as you can, and you can see the effect update in real time.

The third argument for HitFilm plugins is that they are all 16 bit effects. In After Effects, you are really doing a hit-and-miss with effects, some being 8 bit, others 32 bit.

All of the HitFilm plugins work in 16 bit mode, which is a common in-between working space for 8bit or 32 bit final renders.


HitFilm Plugins offer:

• Over 130 premium plugins created using HitFilm technology.
• Works with Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro CC, Apple Final Cut Pro X and Motion and Sony Vegas Pro. Buy it once and install to all host platforms on your computer, Mac or PC.
• GPU-accelerated.
• Huge range of plugins from visual effects to compositing, motion graphics and color grading. There’s something for every project.
• Atomic particles for fractal array animations. Includes audio-driven behavior in After Effects.
• 15 keying and matte generation plugins, including advanced chroma key for green screen.
• Flexible lights and flares designer kit. Experiment with anamorphic streaks, lens flares, light rays, glows, procedural lens dirt and light leaks.
• Cutting edge pyrotechnic effects including fire simulation, procedural lightning and 3D muzzle flashes.
• Cinematic grading and visual enhancements including skin retouching and grunge effects.


Availability and Pricing

FxHome will be demonstrating the HitFilm Plugins at NAB. The Plugins will be available later this month, and will carry a price of $499.  More details will be revealed as we close in on the release. Find out more about HitFilm Plugins here.