Imagineers Systems previously hinted at what would be new in its Mocha products for version 4. Recently at NAB, Mary Poplin demoed Mocha 4 atĀ Imagineer Systems booth. Some of the biggest changes for Mocha 4 include a new 3d stereo toolset, expanding Mocha’s roto and spline tools into the stereo world.

Mary Poplin demos mocha Pro v4 at Imagineer Systems booth during NAB 2014

Mocha 4 will also receive python scripting support, making it a better fit for larger pipelines, integrating custom tools and scripts into the workflow. You will be able to change keyboard shortcuts to mimic some of your favorite applications with the new Mocha 4. There is also support for Adobe Premiere.

Mary covers some of the old Mocha Pro favorites as well, such as lens workflow using Mocha’s Lens module, Insert, and a look at the remove tools that are all currently available in the current version of Mocha Pro.